There is a lot to do in South Shields, if the beaches and parks are not enough; there are amusement parks, Mini Golf, Water Sports etc. These activities provide great fun during the Summer breaks. Bands and concerts are also held during the Summer period to keep not only the children amused but also parents. At one end of Ocean Road there is a Theme Park, our famous “blue flag” beaches and family bars situated along the sea front. These are the main attractions during the Summer periods, as the parades start and run through the streets. Also there is a lot of entertainment next to the beach at the Ampe theatre. This includes live bands, children’s parties, fancy dress parties and fun & games. The Catherine Cookson festival is a famous tradition nowadays & attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Apart from shops, there is a museum, exquisite places to dine, Roman Fort, Bede’s World etc.
The Roman Fort (Arbeia) isn’t far from the Guest House, it’s only 5 minutes walk. This is a great tourist attraction, and amazes children each year when they visit. Every few months the mangers at the Roman Fort hold different events especially in the Summer. This helps to keep the children entertained. These events can include full-dress staged battles, chariot races, chariot building, story time, trek’s back in time and also a day in the life of a soldier. These events usually last all day so children are amused and looked after. This keeps everyone entertained.

roman fort south shields

Across the road from the guest house is a full range of assorted & respected restaurants as well as take away houses. If you are feeling peckish it is just a journey across the road and then the decision of where and what you want to eat.
The Guest House is situated in the middle of the busy town centre.

At the top of the street there are pubs and clubs by night, and during the day a large shopping centre, which will suit everyone’s needs, also Mondays, Friday and Saturday we have an open market.

There is a range of different shops, cafés to sit in and have a soft drink, also a range of pubs, which provide pub lunches during the day. These pubs provide a welcoming feeling and the staff are always happy to help. The shopping centre provides great leisure for people who visit the Guest House.

ocean road south shields

This means that if a guest wanted to travel to Newcastle, the airport, North Shields they can either go by ferry, bus or metro. All means of transport is easily accessible, and run every few minutes.
Each of these transport options is quick and regular. If the shopping centre isn’t enough for you there is a ferry service that provides transport from South Shields over to North Shields. This journey also is very quick.
The guest house is in the perfect location, as everything you need is within walking distance.

south shields metro station